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5 Star Review on TripAdvisor by TravelingAmos on 11/6/17 when the play opened in Nov. 2017
“While a play consisting of actors speaking into microphones as if performing on radio may sound boring, this was far from it. We were here during “Sherlock Holmes Weekend” in November, and we added this to the overall experience. The quality of the acting here was first-rate! Knowing the story (Sherlock Holmes Adventure of the Specked Band) probably helped, but we were captivated throughout the roughly one-hour long performance. The sound engineer was perhaps the most interesting part as he simulated sounds for fire, wind, water, and other various sounds right in front of us as the actors spoke into the microphone. If you come to Cape May for “Sherlock Holmes Weekend” in the spring or fall, a visit here is a must!”

“Mr. Holmes, I am under such a strain that I shall go mad if it continues,” said Enid to Sherlock Holmes. Thus begins a race against time for Holmes and Watson to stop the bizarre murders in an eerie country manor in The Adventure of Speckled Band.

ELTC invites you to be part of our "radio audience" when we perform this famous mystery with live sound effects and commercials, and actors portraying several roles to make the tale come to life. Before television and the Internet, people sat eagerly by the radio to hear the latest dramas, comedies, and news. Many radio shows were performed in front of live audiences at the same time they were sent across the "airways."  

This radio-style production is based on one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s personal favorites and his play The Stoner Case, adapted by Craig Wichman, with the permission of Dame Jean Conan Doyle. Craig is the Founder and Producer of Quicksilver Radio Theater.  His script received the National Federation of Community Broadcasters’ “Gold Reel” for Radio Drama Award.  The Speckled Band launched Sherlock Holmes on NBC radio in October 1930.  Written and produced by Edith Meiser, the popular series lasted until 1950. 

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