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67 Dates Through Oct 31, 2022

East Lynne Theater Company (ELTC) is a proven destination for theater lovers who crave the adventure of discovery! By celebrating the American Spirit on Stage through timeless classics and provocative new works, the company provides a portal to the past that provides a better understanding for the present. This Equity professional company, founded in 1980, brings comedies that have not been produced in over 80 years ("Why Marry?" and "The Dictator") as well as new works ("Two-Headed" and "Lizzie Borden Live") to the stage. ELTC has the following programs: Mainstage Production Season in Cape May, NJ; Touring Shows throughout the Country; and Educational Outreach for all Ages. In October, 2009, ELTC received the New Jersey Theatre Alliance's Achievement of Excellence Award for "30 years of celebrating America's heritage through productions and educational programs." The name “East Lynne” is derived from a popular 19th century American play. For information:

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