By East Lynne Theater Company (other events)

2 Dates Through Aug 27, 2020

This 1946 comedy is about a business tycoon, Harry Brock, who brings his Broadway chorus girlfriend, Billie Dawn, to Washington, D.C. on a business trip. Here, he intends to convince those in Congress to vote his way. When he realizes that Billie doesn't fit in well with Washington society, which might hinder his business dealings, he hires journalist Paul Verrall to tutor her. Although reluctant at first, Billie proves to be a quick learner about American history and the founding of this country, which leads her to ask questions about Brock's intentions in Washington.  Can trouble be far behind?

"When this play was written, it was a fable, but after Watergate, it became a documentary." - playwright Garson Kanin

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